I have to start this entry by saying these falls are both the easiest (in terms of the actual walk to them) to get to and the most magnificent that we've ever seen.

As with Minnamurra Falls, these falls are located in NSW Southern Highlands in Budderoo National Park. If coming from Sydney, you're looking at a drive between 130km and 150km depending which part of Sydney you're located in. If western, head down the Canberra highway towards Robertson. If coming from Sydney's East/South then head towards Wollongong and turn off at Kiama. The main road that you need to look for is Jamberoo Mountain Road. Eventually you'll come to Cloonty Road which also features a Carrington Falls sign. Head down Cloonty for approx. 2km until you see Carrington Falls Picnic area. At the end of this road is a car park with an island of trees in the middle.

To be honest, we embarrassingly then got a little lost as we headed left down a long track to a lookout. Whilst the lookout was amazing it was the opposite direction from the falls. So to make sure you find the falls the first time, look for the Carrington Falls green wooden sign (above in photos). It is located towards the pointy end of the car park. Once you see that, follow the short path down to the falls and prepare for the awesomeness that is the stunningly beautiful Carrington Falls!

The falls are about 160m in height which is what makes them so amazing. The thick body of constant flowing water is breathtaking. The other wicked thing about these falls are that they are wheelchair friendly making it super easy for almost anyone to visit. 

The day we went, it started to drizzle whilst we were there so we sadly couldn't get the drone out. However, it gives us an excuse to head back on a sunny day!

Once you're at the lookout, you can head right to see the flowing river that feeds the mighty Carrington Falls. 

If planning a visit here, my suggestion would be to couple them with another destination whilst you're in the area. There is soo much to see and do in the Southern Highlands that you could easily link a few destinations together, to make the most of your time. We currently have another five adventures planned for the area over the next few weeks and once done, we will be putting together a single 'Southern Highlands To Do list'. 

For more info on Carrington Falls, visit the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)