We had been longing to visit Bombo Headland Quarry for the past few months after seeing it featured a number of times on Instagram. Eventually the time was right and the weather was perfect so we decided to make the trip down from Sydney. The unusual basalt columns are what draw you in, and once you get there will leave you in awe. They are both beautiful and intriguing at the same time and the whole scenery of the quarry feels almost Moon-like. Add to this a decent sea swell and you're in for a treat! The swell surges in and will completely drench you if you are too close.

If driving from Sydney via the M1 the distance is approximately 120km and will take you the best part of an 1:45 to get there. The headland is at the Northern tip of Kiama beach and is best accessed from Panama Street. At the end of Panama Street is a beach car park with bathroom facilities. Park here then head north-east towards the sea, up a road (no car access) and over the hill. To the left of the hill is a waste water treatment centre., once you see that then you know you're going the right way. From here it is a short walk down to the quary.

Kiama's beach (adjacent to the quarry) is another pristine aussie beach and is known for its good surfing conditions. The break to the right of the headland forms a pretty nice left which was pumping the day we were there! 

If you're planning a trip here, aim to spend the whole day so that you have time to check out Cathedral Rocks (more info to come), Kiama blow hole and to spend some time relaxing on the beach as once you get it, its magic will make you want to visit again and again. Next time I think we'll book an Air Bnb in Kiama so that there is enough time to adventure more around the area.